going to have to dissasemble my rooms and studio zones very soon for moving!

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NSFW: explicit sex, drugs usage, body modifications, flashing images 

jeff minter on hacking.their vlm. minter was exploring digital video feedback and video synthesis from the early 80s onward, fairly independently of any other video art scene or.context that im aware of


reading a book about molecules that begins with quotes from the third policeman and gravitys rainbow

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Reminder that "open directories" are a way to download movies and other content. With some effort and luck, you can find great content.

Currently looking at an open directory that allows you to download -among others- Microcosmos (1996), Fantastic Planet (1973), Koyaanisqatsi (1982), La montana sagrada (1973),
Akira (1988), Ghost in the Shell (1995), Blue Velvet (1986) and other Lynch movies and various Studio Ghibli movies.

- open directories come and go all the time, sometimes in a matter of days
- it makes sense to periodically check out reddit.com/r/opendirectorie
- have a list of content you're looking for, and as you find a new directory download everything you can

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hacklab and i set up an online creative coding course for using Processing for video synthesis stuffs. was thinking it would be like 10-20 folks max but looks like maybe 100 have signed up so far? beyond even bandwidth issues i'm trying to think about ways to make this kind of a thing work with large numbers of participants. i much prefer smaller classes and lab style stuff to large scale lectures but am curious if anyones taken large scale online classes like this and has any advice?

working on some documentation for this weekends class and using NDI biz to get around!

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Trying out self-hosted live streaming powered by webtorrent.
So far I have set up an nginx-rtmp server that serves an hls stream. I mostly followed tim's guide here: github.com/langolierz/scanline

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happy 4/20 ! we are having a video art community livestream over at scanlines.xyz in a few hours :)

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