1 day on here and found an event I've wouldn't know about without in : rn at Rote Insel visual and noise performance

small video-art garten party tomorrow night for any1 in berlin 📺🌿

Thrifted a prison CRT TV; thinking about opening it up and making mods and use it with a hand synth.

"the most fragile TV ever"

that's a small CRT monitor. it was originally a camcorder viewfinder.

this concoction built by Karl Klomp (who made the concept of "Dirty Mixer" popular) actually worked, if very briefly.

pictures come from web.archive.org/web/2013100904

there's a video:

#DIY #TV #video #hardware #bonsai

although was trying to prevent it, I really like the flicking artifacts caused by PALs phase alternating lines

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been tinkering on this (hacky) colorizer circuit today, inspired and extended from one of Rob Schafer’s designs

been spending more time making art with the art tools I’m usually spending all my time making ☺️

nz has been in lockdown last month and i couldnt access my studio to work on circuits.. so made some (silly) experimental short films with my flatmates instead! heres some stills from CRVST - gonna share it online soon

TRASHPALACE is a weekly celebration of outsider, strange, experimental and cult cinema

we meet every tuesday night in brooklyn, wellington - (pm for more info) details about merch &a very special event coming soon !

Jamming low-res pixels on the led screen w/ art~hack wellington

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