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today i am reading about various uninhabited crags of rock in the middle of the ocean that have funny names. my favorite so far is Balls Pyramid, a big rock with nothing on it except for one tea tree bush and a bunch of giant bugs called tree lobsters who apparently live nowhere else in the world except under this one bush

If you havent already been here check out the various projects these people run , Plus Fubar ( biggest and best glitch art festival)

love this web design for RACER TRASH ~ an la based art collective making radical recut cinema:

Trying out self-hosted live streaming powered by webtorrent.
So far I have set up an nginx-rtmp server that serves an hls stream. I mostly followed tim's guide here:

this is tim. from new zealand but currently living in berlin (but currently currently back in nz.. 😵 🌏 )

these days im mostly thinking about accessible and open source tools for video-artists. i have some existing and some upcoming projects im looking forward to sharing with you here !

you can also find me on - an online community space for diy a/v i help to run

a Temporary Autonomous Zone for the Fediverse

Temporary Autonomous Zone