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currently dealing with one of the hardest problems in computer science: moving a file to another computer


"all you anarchists do is organize book clubs and get into fights with chuds, how are you a proper Leftist movement" was a question I got asked by a pro-state leftist earlier today. so let's talk about the visibility (and invisibility) of anarchist work.


i would really like to go this year but also i dont know how likely it is with corona

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is there an official CCC handle on the fedi? i cant seem to find it searching around the web

just saw the most bonkers rainbow from this bonkers villa we are at

in other news ive finally started writing a left wing market anarchist primer with a friend to help explain wtf it is i spend all day thinking about. unlike a lot of the resources out there (markets not capitalism, c4ss intros) its aimed at left liberals and ancoms more instead of right libertarian types. i think its also going to be as un-technical as possible in terms of economic language and history

You're on a small island in Reservoir of Juniors.
A tiny, umber galley pulls into the reservoir and loosely scattered juniors are floating around.

political complain 

i think it is from a terminal focus on making protest protest materials like banners. "NO, to whoever said my dog smells! He does not smell and furthermore he is a good boy! Go Vegan! No To the McDonald's on the corner becoming a burger king!"

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political complain 

berlin leftists are fucking exhausting, after six years i still do not understand their obsession with responding to every minute comment or phrase uttered by local politicians

love the way the hdri digital whatever in my phone dealt with the texture

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Smash bros announcer voice: THIS IS NOT A PLACE OF HONOR!

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