Hey, I wrote a blog on the many reasons why we should abolish intellectual property. Boosts and comments very welcome. -property

heres the shortest version: enforcing the exclusion of otherwise non-rivalrous goods is pure loss and can create nothing but rent seeking. especially in the case of information where there isn't even a single undifferentiated resource like fresh air that can be polluted through other means.

@dantescanline I've had many ponderings on the subject too, so I appreciated the read.

I'm terribly simpathetic to you're view. The part about "the knowledge of pulleys and gears" grabbed me.

But to play devil's advocate.... We live in a world governed by dollars. I know you mentioned Patreon as a reason creators can freely give IP... but should donations be the only thing that provides a living for brain laborers?

@frigginglorious i dont see it as donations really, its more just paying in advance for public goods. it wont get made if people dont pay, so they will pay if they want it to get made. things do not need cost nearly as much as they do under capitalism, everything is inflated thanks to IP!
if you're asking about a state solution i cant support that, but i also see it as unnecessary

@dantescanline we are agreed that we don't need a state solution! I think I fall under the wing of libertarian socialism.... It's great to pool resources and distribute them to who needs them, but it has to be an individual volunteering to participate in that, and not a govt mandate.

We kind of have that with roads. You can't use them (as a driver) unless you chip in (vehicle registration).

What you're saying is more like crowdfunding folks that create public goods.... I gotta think on that.

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