i made a meme about web revival / yesterweb / diy

@owl @dantescanline Wait. Neocities? Didn't that go under a long time ago?

@dantescanline @owl How can neocities correctly guess all my interests and then not let me use them as tags?

@dantescanline @owl It was just so nice to see that we share all those interests and then bang, the dream was gone. I need to get rid of something. Another hard choice to be made. Who will have to go? The cat?

@dantescanline There are weird things going on though. For example my CSS file got reset somehow. Any idea how/why that could have happened?

@dantescanline Error

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@NicholasLaney years of site reliability and shadow DOMs with no real world application!

"Yes, I want to the set the Cookie Clauses For Your Privacy Policy every single time I visit a website"
Statement dreamed up by the utterly deranged

@dantescanline Goooddd I miss early 2000's sites, they had so much personality and a ton of crap going on. Also nothing like random links redirecting you to a site dedicated to looping Never Gonna Give You Up, or Leek Spin (Or Meat Spin). Also gaudy fanmade sites dedicated to shows were awesome, they had so much love put into everything, and the worst quality JPEGs imaginable.

@dantescanline is my thing. cw for some flashing gifs/scary stuff/weird in general

@dantescanline CSS reset is because historic browser defaults suck, not because modern web sucks. Other than that, great meme.

@dantescanline what do you think @r10s? for the next time we rework

@compl4xx @dantescanline iirc, there was a rough idea to allow #deltachat users to create a webpage or #webxdc that could be sent around similar to the self-avatar. these private pages would be accessibe from the user's profile and could look like whatever you want, could be a rebirth of self-hammered html :) lots of ideas :)

@dantescanline I’m somewhere in the middle. Self-hosted, minimal, responsive CSS, planned Dark Mode, but no cookies and required JS, I like webrings, and I’m also on the Interverse. More coming soon.

Neocities doesn’t allow you to host your own Pleroma instance btw.

@james its only a silly meme, im open to all kinds of solutions for a better world :)

@james @dantescanline Similar here. Very minimal static website, dark mode only, zero maintenance required.
First load of the main page is three requests and weighs in below 5 KB.

@dantescanline @james Fair point. Yours is nice and fancy and colourful, mine is just simple.

@fu @dantescanline A lot of people host their own websites (even with their own domains) on Neocities. Not only do I have my own domain, I also rent a server, and I use that to host my Pleroma instance as well.
@dantescanline Soydev logic: "we have to optimize for mobile by cutting out content when the screen gets too small."
And then when you view it on mobile data and complain that your monthly data is running out, they're nowhere to be found to optimize anything.

@neocolapsar @dantescanline i love how you make the serif font and paper centre graphic work together like this, it's like a visual asmr or something

@carcinopithecus @dantescanline I chose the font and the image carefully. It was like composing a new collage/work on paper.

@dantescanline I host my website myself at
Neocities seems stagnant to me, there are lots of possible improvements (like but they aren't picking even very low-hanging fruits.
It may be time for a next-generation DIY web platform!

@dmbaturin i like that neocities is effectively static hosting. counters and the rest would be nice but idk, if you're able to come up with that stuff then self hosting somewhere else is also probably an option for you. also your website doesnt seem to have any animated gifs on it?

@dantescanline It's a well-hidden easter egg, but it's there... I may want to make more of such things at some point.

@dantescanline Yours is awesome of course but if I may humbly present below a similar thing (But Not Copied Or Bad in Any Way!) from Shen Comix... 🙏

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