havent had time to work on my browser "rpg" "game" lately but im thinking about doing a lot of it with AI generation + manual edits. selecting for greasy errored odd looking features instead of "good" output and then modifying it into game pieces is really fun. i worked these guys over and tried to give them a bit more of faces, plus added swords of course.

@dantescanline nice! I like the scrolling interaction to explore the map

@alpha_rats yeah! and i can dynamically unlock more map by just appending some divs to the bottom haha

@dantescanline cool idea - I wonder if you were inspired by the design of some game in particular for this?

@alpha_rats for the base idea, of making something interactive with crude javascript just force moving page elements around, i dont know. just inspired by these retro pages and their odd eyes. for game content im obviously gonna do a pastiche of all these tropes

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