in other news ive finally started writing a left wing market anarchist primer with a friend to help explain wtf it is i spend all day thinking about. unlike a lot of the resources out there (markets not capitalism, c4ss intros) its aimed at left liberals and ancoms more instead of right libertarian types. i think its also going to be as un-technical as possible in terms of economic language and history

@anarchistbicycleclub i really want it to be palatable to other anarchists, like "markets doesn't mean scary stock markets and landlords, i swear!"

@dantescanline I'd love to hear how you propose to make people use markets, without any sellers using their profits to engage in capitalism.

@cy to me "markets" just means multiple options or offers, so its an unavoidable property of free association and free choice of where people choose to labor.

capitalism is when a few hands control capital and its allocation, so that the rest of us have little choice but to sell our labor for wages rather than getting "the whole pie". without continued dispossession and major restrictions like borders, patents etc theres no role for those capitalists and their bad deal of wages

@dantescanline You can start out with everyone owning an equal amount of stock in some investment, and it's still capitalism. What I'd say in that case is that capitalism is not always bad, and then show how my idea would stop it from going straight to tyranny. You either have some sort of market that cannot (in theory) become capitalist, like the Islamic ones, or you have a way to keep capitalism under control, like social democracy.

The history of the word apparently disagrees with you, according to some of the essays in Markets Not Capitalism (attached).
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