@patridge yeah not only is it wildly horny but it also just makes smoking look cool again

@rizzo neocities. and you can put zonelets on it to make a blog :)

breakcore is having a meme moment / resurgence in 2022? cute 🥰

@dantescanline ok i messaged @sore_mind off fedi and he didn't know but he did find this reddit thread, basically reinforces our hypothesis that nobody knows where it started but it 1. looks cool 2. is kind of a sweatband 3. maybe holds your charged hair up (seems dubious)

can anyone in canada help me with my internet bill and some groceries? i don't have paypal or any other other things that would make this easier, just Interac e-transfer.

i don't need a lot of money, maybe $100 would do. the internet bill is $58.

send DM if you can help, i'll send you the e-mail address.

#DisabledCrowdFund #PleaseBoost

@liaizon uhhh i think it was around september actually, in neukolln. what for btw?

@liaizon not yet! i just added :sadcat: as a test but i will add a ton soon

also added a fancy goats cheese i got cheap from the coop but it was really not necessary considering i made the lentils into a proper curry

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@calutron this is the shit!!! when i want to feel maximum hype i put this on

this is like one of those infinite sum of fractions that get smaller and smaller as you iterate

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procrastinating on my piece about economics by starting a new piece about the same economic concept but from a slightly different angle

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