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who was posting about some cyberdeck competition happening now? i missed the info and want to see what ppl are into

you can paint on anything you want in real life. it's illegal but the cops can't stop you

this german political ad says "its not to late!" about some climate goal for 2030. Although im not a total fan of, i think the phrase "its later than you think" is a good one.

mental note weird creature hiding in the Cornell box

I still think algorithmic discovery could be amazing for the fediverse *if* it was composed of user-definable pluggable algorithms that could be shared and selected by users to apply to their timeline, sidebar, etc

Experimental racing themed (KLF themed?!) electronic from Vancouver. Heavy samples, slick beats, music for going dummy fast.

#nowlistening #punkhouseplaylist

im just about up to half primary, ending in navasana, but the marichasanas feel super odd still. like, i can twist my self but i have no strength in flexing forward

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finally back up to my yoga fitness level since before my gaps from corona / vacation / injury. was taking it easy getting back in but i spent almost a full hour today and i am completely knackered

New version of NEXXT published. And with it, i've decided to host it on itch. Free to use & public domain.

I make nearly all my NES graphics in it.

have been trying out the FileSystemAccessApi for loading a folder of sketch files to the browser + saving and updating working files

all i can say is .....🙀🙀🙀🙀

soo nice to have an image thumbnail for each code sketch and to be able to switch between them

after years you start filtering out stuff and everything becomes normal, and then only certain things break through that and make you laugh so hard again

any germans know how the green party trying to get something permanent from the 9euro tix legislation is going rn?

@SuricrasiaOnline you realize CSS CRIMES is going down in computer history for generations. I bet it will outlast anyone remembering what CSS stand for.

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