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Wednesday the 21st (tomorrow) Fantasia Malware Presents! Free live performances and music at Silent Green in
see you there

twitter: *incoherent yelling*
xmpp: OMEME
matrix: hey! you don't have enough memory in the memory card!
IRC: *modem noises*

tiktoks using bella ciao over like random videos of a guy making ice sculptures or chewing a ton of gum or something

they are pretty good though and i feel like i finally unlocked the secret to really good cooked eggplant lately

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dont boost this, follow me! where's that social capital i hear so much about?

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am i vegan? no
do i make pretty awful lentil 'curries' that i eat and tell people are tasty? yes

posting cheesy slogans all day everyday until i lose all followers

i know spending a lot of time (any time really) thinking about this when im not going outside involved in stuff is bad for my health, but also it is a fun hobby for me?

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it does explain the vulgar ancom mentality a little. like the heroic capital w "Workers" as a great moral force that will physically occupy specific machinery and produce everything for everyone in the same factory halls and orgs as before

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its weird having read so little of the 150 year old dead white guy material when you meet the people "on your team" who are the opposite

the three hard problems of computer science are
-word processing
-making a website that's just a website
-moving files between phone and computer

i dont think i want to work with computers anymore! something changed during the pandemic and im finding a lot less fun in them lately

im beginning to think this corona thing is really annoying.. and bad!!

Okay, here is what I got so far for my halloween website, I planned to be framed like a site hosted by one of my site mascot, Yuki who LOVES halloween...its a work in progress

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