lest anyone think that <last post> was the first time I found cool plates (that may or may not be cursed) in an abandoned building…….. i found these plates under some stairs a few months ago

next time you desire cool plates for your home, consider: have you checked all the rooms in the abandoned mental health facility?

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me and @lake went on a walk in mississippi a few weeks ago and ran across a large amount of wild blue berries. I searched for a baby to transplant and brought this one home but had left it in a glass of water when I left for berlin. @lake planted it the other day on my land in new orleans and it looks so happy and alive I was impressed how well its doing from move.

Went dumpstering last night with a friend~ Winn Dixie and Trader Joe’s.

The kombucha!! The orange juice!! the blueberry lemonade!! jalapeños and shishito peppers and so much fake meat…

as my grandma says, my favorite four letter word that starts with F… is Free

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