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my name is paloma, and i am an a/v artist in brooklyn, ny. i work with video feedback and synthesis and analog video signals, and also software and code. on the sound side, i like to explore audio synthesis and processing techniques, radio signals, and field recordings.

i post little experiments and tests, sometimes events or bigger things im working on, sometimes just what's on my mind or cool things i find. and i love to see what others are up to on here too!

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preparing for a collaborative performance as our house band "nude illusion"/"new delusion." i am doing sound with a fretless electric guitar, e-bow/resonator and slide, haken continuumini and a looper. other members will be playing a kurzweil synthesizer and live light-art performance

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͏ ┅╍┉┉╍┅ 
┅ ┅  ┅ ┅
┅┉    ┉┅

i was playing around with some "heavy metal lettering" and the name of a show we having in october at phase space.

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The Realm of Rough Telepathy

spells, sigils, incantations about the discovery, and global ascendancy of "Rough Telepathy" - commonly referred to as "the Internet"

#magic #magick #internet #infrastructure

realized i was listening to two musics at once on my computer by accident. but it took me a while to notice

returning home from a day in the JSON mines.

love waking up to check mastodon and find numerous links to incredibly strange music. thank you and well done everyone

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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ πŸ₯πŸ’₯πŸ’»

i actually didn't even know you could select words and it would define them, the fly showed me how.

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i am sitting in an outdoor patio reading on my e-reader and a fly landed on the screen and it selected the word "all"

going to have to ask my chiropractor for the glowing skeleton poster hookup

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ᝁ ᝍ ᝑ ᝂ
ᝉ ᝒ ᝇ ᝀ

i am going to make an extremely large amount of curry.

it's the four year anniversary of my starting to keep a weekly log.

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