finally got myself into the practice of typing without looking down by decreasing the keyboard's usefulness as a visual reference

@palomakop well done! Someday I want to have a HHKB with blank keycaps.

@palomakop Definitely the best way to teach yourself how to actually type. I do the same with a 40% ortholinear keyboard :)

@ice it seemed like the *only* way it was actually going to happen for me

@palomakop My only issue with this method is that I'm using some custom qwazerty layout I keep reprogramming, which is awesome but not standard at all, so it won't work on another keyboard, haha.

@ice yea, i went with the more standard layout because i have to jump between different computers a lot. the typing without looking thing has seemed to stick even when i'm using a keyboard with labels now which is great.

@palomakop That sounds wise! Hopefully I don't need to change often.

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