made a case for this ebook reader i found at a thrift store, inspired by some of @liaizon 's drawings. currently re-reading TAZ on it.

@ijyx @liaizon it's just cardboard covered with colored masking tape and then i drew on it with sharpie.

@palomakop @liaizon But how do you do it so it sticks to the eReader?

@ijyx @liaizon it is pretty much just to protect the screen when it's in my bag. so i just put a rubber band around it and then take it out of the sleeve when i am reading.

@palomakop that’s so sweet to hear my silly thingaday had an effect on something! This looks awesome. I need a ereader really bad actually

@liaizon i lucked out, this one was $2. and it fits in my fanny pack!


I published some of the essays in TAZ before it was gathered as a book. It's still a good read, all these decades later! Strongest recommendations for bolo'bolo by P.M., too.


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