did some new experiments with ferrofluid this week -- i'm using the footage in a live performance tonight. also thinking about making a zine with some of the stills

preparing for another show this weekend, and yesterday we hosted a soldering workshop for AVEmod video processor. and i'm going to try to record some footage of liquids. it has been busy!

we are having another show at phase space this coming saturday! i am very excited to be collaborating on a multimedia performance involving experimental music and live light art.
here is the link:

today my roommates and i organized our garage, to get our woodworking tools more accessible and prepare to transform the space for a show we are having in october. we also set up a cute hangout zone.

preparing for a collaborative performance as our house band "nude illusion"/"new delusion." i am doing sound with a fretless electric guitar, e-bow/resonator and slide, haken continuumini and a looper. other members will be playing a kurzweil synthesizer and live light-art performance

i was playing around with some "heavy metal lettering" and the name of a show we having in october at phase space.

made a case for this ebook reader i found at a thrift store, inspired by some of @liaizon 's drawings. currently re-reading TAZ on it.

we were jamming yesterday on the subterranean level of mutantplex to prepare for our performance as Nu Delusion this saturday. also, we have been lent a 10 foot free-standing projection screen which will make setting things up for the show much easier (so we don't have to mount anything in the ceiling of our garage)

my audio setup diagram for last night's collaborative performance

sampling pentatonic wind chimes. practicing for a collaborative performance tomorrow.

practicing / experimenting for a collaborative performance. playing a haken continuumini with a loop pedal + musical saw

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