did tie dyeing and bleach dyeing clothes with @andrei_jay and friends yesterday and it was excellent

i never saw this back in the day, but i wish i had. "kpt3 texture explorer"

my name is paloma, and i am an a/v artist in brooklyn, ny. i work with video feedback and synthesis and analog video signals, and also software and code. on the sound side, i like to explore audio synthesis and processing techniques, radio signals, and field recordings.

i post little experiments and tests, sometimes events or bigger things im working on, sometimes just what's on my mind or cool things i find. and i love to see what others are up to on here too!

somehow, scanlines.xyz (the web forum focused on diy a/v that i started with @cyberboy666 @andrei_jay and @ojack) has been around for nearly a year already! we are having a stream of a/v works by the community to celebrate.

the scanlines peertube (videos.scanlines.xyz/) has been getting some love recently !

for those that don't know, scanlines.xyz is a discourse forum for diy a/v stuff that i help run, and we have a peertube for sharing mainly experimental video works.

getting ready to play a very tiny show tomorrow. i was going to practice but just got sucked into jamming instead so i guess it's going to be improvisational.

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