made a case for this ebook reader i found at a thrift store, inspired by some of @liaizon 's drawings. currently re-reading TAZ on it.

we were jamming yesterday on the subterranean level of mutantplex to prepare for our performance as Nu Delusion this saturday. also, we have been lent a 10 foot free-standing projection screen which will make setting things up for the show much easier (so we don't have to mount anything in the ceiling of our garage)

my audio setup diagram for last night's collaborative performance

sampling pentatonic wind chimes. practicing for a collaborative performance tomorrow.

practicing / experimenting for a collaborative performance. playing a haken continuumini with a loop pedal + musical saw

camped out in a field in the town where i went to grad school. i went there to meet up with three dear friends i haven't seen in a year...our conversations picked back up as though no time had passed.

apartment search update: we finally put down a deposit for an apartment and should be able to move in next week ! i am very excited because it is a really nice space and we'll even have a basement and garage. here is a photo of me and my new roommates shortly after we made the decision. our new house will be dubbed: MUTANTPLEX

here is what i look like today. it was really nice out earlier and i was walking around and finding nice nooks to read my book in. now i'm back home, and i spent a bit of time trying to delve more into GLSL, but i'm feeling a bit blocked. ah well, i will keep dipping my toes in until things start clicking more.

i read somewhere that a rocket might be crashing back down to earth somewhere random. i only mention that because i ended up thinking about how much of the earth's surface is inhabited by humans versus how much of it is vast oceans and dunes and glaciers. this website has been a fun way for me to virtually explore this planet's surface today.

my future roommates in front of a neat van we glimpsed near coney island.

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