@pixouls thanks ! we are leaving this weekend, hoping to spend a full week in the forest.

thinking about coffee as a daily (un)habit, eating habits 

love waking up to check mastodon and find numerous links to incredibly strange music. thank you and well done everyone

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fuck it, I'm releasing my databending drum machine TONIGHT

make drum loops with percussive samples procedurally generated from opus codec glitches!~ πŸ₯πŸ’₯πŸ’»


i actually didn't even know you could select words and it would define them, the fly showed me how.

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i am sitting in an outdoor patio reading on my e-reader and a fly landed on the screen and it selected the word "all"

going to have to ask my chiropractor for the glowing skeleton poster hookup

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ᝁ ᝍ ᝑ ᝂ
ᝉ ᝒ ᝇ ᝀ

i am going to make an extremely large amount of curry.

@raphael @liaizon @rra @cyberboy666 well, we hope to use it as an archive, so we will do our best to maintain it. it's running on a 2gb digitalocean droplet so maintenance costs are not high.

it has an SSO with our discourse forum so the way to join would be to create an account on scanlines.xyz with the same username you want for the peertube, then click "join" on videos.scanlines.xyz top left. and if you ever have any technical difficulties you can contact us or post on the forum

@liaizon @rra @raphael @cyberboy666 thanks, yes, it's an offshoot of our experimental a/v forum community (scanlines.xyz) so we're less focused on federation and more focused on art related things.

it's the four year anniversary of my starting to keep a weekly log.

@liaizon yeah, it was just someone who showed up with a camera randomly, i don't think they had the ability to take in multiple feeds. and trans pecos should really consider getting an actual projection screen. but thanks for virtually attending !

both shows this past weekend went really well. now i am so tired, and need to hide for several weeks probably. one of the shows was at our new house. we set up our garage & yard as an a/v performance stage and had installations in the basement. it went really well, we had many guests and they were all chill and respectful.

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