we are having another show at phase space this coming saturday! i am very excited to be collaborating on a multimedia performance involving experimental music and live light art.
here is the link:

i have gone back and forth about creating a mobile-centric "tree of links" to include in a bio link on a certain hellsite that only allows a single link. (for my own page as well as the one for phase space)

but i always come back to the thought that a good website navigation header should accomplish this anyway (which we already have). is clicking links that are not inside large, vertically-stacked rectangles so much to ask?

i guess i won't do it unless i can think of an actual justification.

today my roommates and i organized our garage, to get our woodworking tools more accessible and prepare to transform the space for a show we are having in october. we also set up a cute hangout zone.

preparing for a collaborative performance as our house band "nude illusion"/"new delusion." i am doing sound with a fretless electric guitar, e-bow/resonator and slide, haken continuumini and a looper. other members will be playing a kurzweil synthesizer and live light-art performance

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͏ ┅╍┉┉╍┅ 
┅ ┅  ┅ ┅
┅┉    ┉┅

i was playing around with some "heavy metal lettering" and the name of a show we having in october at phase space.

@fragmentscenario great work! i just got off the phone with the foam office. they told me you've been giving a lot of people their number.

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@liaizon this persons website might be a good starting point periodictable.com

they also sell wooden "periodic table" tables

@paul i like these two together as a single composition

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The Realm of Rough Telepathy

spells, sigils, incantations about the discovery, and global ascendancy of "Rough Telepathy" - commonly referred to as "the Internet"


#magic #magick #internet #infrastructure

realized i was listening to two musics at once on my computer by accident. but it took me a while to notice

@Nonverbalpoetry but what about a format that transmits text and placement data that can change over time? what about more formats for animating vectors, which use very small amounts of data and get rendered after they are received? in a lot of cases, being able to select a limited palette of colors would be nice, but since the .gif format has sort of ended (not the best example of an efficient format in any case), there don't seem to be as many creative forms of compression.

@Nonverbalpoetry im not a merveiller, but i am an artist working a lot with video. video / animations is one of the things that it often seems like there are too many standards for, but i would say, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all solution, having different methods of conveying moving imagery, based on the individual situation, would be good.
for example, lots of times video is defaulted to because it can display almost anything (1/)

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