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hopefully moving soon to a house with shared workspace, and thinking about wanting to set up a silkscreen studio. havent screen printed in years

going to do tie dyeing soon... just ordered supplies

found out that if i eat too much seitan/gluten i will get horrible abdominal pain for like 18 hours. really not great timing as i have a stream performance today ... the pain is finally subsiding but i have not gotten to practice / play with my setup as i usually do before a show

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i dreamed i was writing code and was really confused because the variables would just randomly lose their assignments. woke up a tiny bit, and was like 'oh that's why everything was working so weirdly'

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Some upcoming online twitch-streamed workshops that folks on the fediverse might be interested in:

April 4: Tiddlywiki (TW): Getting started with digital gardens, networked thinking, and non-linear research
taught by @gavcloud

April 11: Doom-Modding Workshop

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Hello, I would just like to call out the work of Komiyama Takashi ( for being extremely great.

just saw people on discord using an animated gif i made back in the tumblr days as an emote...

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Will implement zoom in/out tomorrow, otherwise it's pretty much done.

400 lines of uxn asm.

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i've only had this account for a few days, but my timeline is already filling up with interesting things ! i'm still mostly alone on this new server i helped set up, so any recommendations for people to follow and other servers that have interesting local timelines are much appreciated :)

i'm in the mood for gratuitous filter sweeps

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getting ready to play a very tiny show tomorrow. i was going to practice but just got sucked into jamming instead so i guess it's going to be improvisational.

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