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i am sitting in an outdoor patio reading on my e-reader and a fly landed on the screen and it selected the word "all"

going to have to ask my chiropractor for the glowing skeleton poster hookup

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i am going to make an extremely large amount of curry.

it's the four year anniversary of my starting to keep a weekly log.

both shows this past weekend went really well. now i am so tired, and need to hide for several weeks probably. one of the shows was at our new house. we set up our garage & yard as an a/v performance stage and had installations in the basement. it went really well, we had many guests and they were all chill and respectful.

doing visuals for a show soonish here at trans pecos, apparently it's being streamed at as well

made a case for this ebook reader i found at a thrift store, inspired by some of @liaizon 's drawings. currently re-reading TAZ on it.

we went to the beach yesterday at dusk and the sky was a perfectly smooth gradient. it was warm enough to jump into the water but the waves were a bit violent. we lay around on blankets until it was completely dark out.

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A beautiful Oleander Hawkmoth (Daphnis nerii) spotted perched on a wall in the Hougang area, Singapore, on 7 July, 2021. I could get close to it to get these shots.

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#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Moths #Lepidoptera

we were jamming yesterday on the subterranean level of mutantplex to prepare for our performance as Nu Delusion this saturday. also, we have been lent a 10 foot free-standing projection screen which will make setting things up for the show much easier (so we don't have to mount anything in the ceiling of our garage)

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"Marvelous pursuits are a means to resist alienation from one’s environment because they are a temporary means to make that environment one’s own, by ascribing one’s own, often bizarre, value for things and spaces.

The marvelous pursuit often creates complexity but a complexity which is opposed to that of the technician. The β€˜master’ of a marvelous pursuit can never be an engineer because the marvelous is by nature useless to society (and therefore to capital). "

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Explore the relationship of Nameless Sound and its mentor/co-founder Pauline Oliveros. New essays, never released audio/video and archival images tell the story of this 20+ year history (and pre-history).


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An aperture card! Used as a very early image tagging/sorting system, you'd have microfilm mounted in a punch card, so you could have a regular punch card organizer/sorter find your images. The DoD loved them because they could store tons and tons of engineering blueprints in an organized, computer-sortable and -searchable way.

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