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we should all be up and working now again thanks to the help of a very friendly person from Portugal!

thanks soooo much to Hugo @mastohost we are back up! My skills at server maintenance were not at all good enough to bring the server back from death. Hugo also upgraded us to the newest version and we are now running managed on masto.host infrastructure based in Portugal instead of a digital ocean droplet that I didn't know how to manage properly.

thanks to @vince for noticing our downtime! Back up now. just needed a good old reboot!

removing 49,511 remotely cached media files, cross your fingers friends

hmm ran out of disk space, and trying to figure out how to prune unneeded files

server needed a restart again! thanks @palomakop for the notice!

Oops had to restart the instance. SSL renew script seemed to crash and a restart was all it needed

We recently got our little bookstore up and running at Mark Of the Beastro/The Beehive (SLC, UT). Books and zines from AK Press, PM Press, @DetritusBooks, @thefinalstrawradio and more!

Thanks to everyone who helped me this morning with mastodon install/digital ocean issues!

@hecanjog @aynish @elia @eris @palomakop @nightpool @Gargron

so to recap! we ran out of disk space. and for some reason DO lets you double the diskspace from 25gb to 50gbs for free. so I did that and then was confused that you have to enlarge the partition manually before it can actually use the disk space.

sorry all, needed to restart the server. seems like we ran out of active memory. thanks @palomakop for the ping!

TAZ is the silence between thought, the cracks in the sidewalks, the food in the dumpster, the unclaimed loves.

shoutout to @stemid for figuring out what was wrong with the cert issue that @palomakop noticed and pinged me about. @stemid walked me through the whole process and explained everything step by step. thanks so much!

I gave a tour of the fediverse to some anarchist friends the last night and they seemed very excited to get to play around on here and I told them I would give them an invite to this instance. I hope they join and we make this place a bit more lively

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