Spent part of the day yesterday setting up a Gancio instance @gancio . Seems mostly successful, tomorrow we're going to try and see the thing by getting the config file all set up and working!

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BAD News podcast #46 from the A-Radio Network is out!
Anarchist perspectives from @aradio_berlin (interview with anarchists on the situation in Tigray), 93.8fm Athens (demos against harassment on public transit, anti-green-capitalism in Agrafa & changes in laws about gov workers witnessing against citizens in court), Frequenz-A (Colombian student on the revolt) & 1431AM (updates on captured anarchist V. Stathopoulos, changes in Greek labor & child custody laws).


Anyone have some MP3s of Sotiria Bellou (Σωτηρία Μπέλλου)? Its been difficult trying to find them, my friend had a CD and I foolishly didn't grab the songs then.

Found two baby horned lizards today! This one was calm enough to let me get a photo.

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If anybody in the FOSS graphics world has written a good "how-to" showing people what their non-commercial photo/video backup-and-hosting options are for all the Android users suddenly hit with Google Photos' change-of-storage-terms yesterday — point me to it.

I (and plenty of others) would want to give it a boost.

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I'd be grateful to hear how people are adding icons to websites 🤔 Would directly help me with something I'm working on.

Comments and boosts welcome! 🙇

Anyone know of any resources for facilitating introductions to fediverse/open-source tech to anarchist/mutual-aid groups? I feel like unless a group has a technologist who's already into it, it's difficult to implement. Spent the morning on a call with a mutual aid project who was suffering from a bot attack and couldn't easily/quickly do anything about it because of working on proprietary platforms.

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We spoke with María Kamila, in Bogotá, of Colectiva Subversión
about uprisings against police murder, general strike against the State's failure with covid under Duque & for indigenous dignity and sovereignty in #Colombia!


Transcription available in about a week

Hey everyone, I'm posting an after some peer pressure from @liaizon who also introduced me to actually using the fediverse instead of just hearing people talk about Mastodon.

a Temporary Autonomous Zone for the Fediverse

Temporary Autonomous Zone