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Wholecar train memorial for antifascist rapper Killah P / Pavlos Fyssas who was murdered by a gang of Golden Dawn nazis in Keratsini, Greece on September 18, 2013

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Çalakî dijî metroyekê nû di Exarchia (taxa bi gelek anarşist li Atîna) de. Fîlm ji:

Footage of the demonstration on the 9th against gentrification in Exarchia from

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Just a quick announcement that my fonts Ductus are now available on Bye Bye Binary's typothèque →

Regular and Monospace versions are released with 3 weights for each.

It's under free license so feel free to use or modify it

So, for example, I'd make a 'friends and family' feed for the people I'm close to but post rarely.

I could have another feed with the folks I follow that post mostly in languages I don't understand well, so I can visit them when I have time.

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I wonder if anyone else feels like me?

A lot of the time, I wish I had a way to have a secondary feed. I have a few high-volume posters on my feed that crowd out some friends who post less. Like creating a playlist, I'd like to be able to curate sub-feeds off of my main one/s.

I feel like something like this must exist already, right?

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Here is the user manual for a mass surveillance tool that U.S. local cops are actively using. Based on location data harvested from ordinary apps installed on peoples' phones. No warrant needed, just login and search

Here Is the Manual for the Mass Surveillance Tool Cops Use to Track Phones

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What’s going on in Jackson, Mississippi
Pearl River flooded Sunday and the city water treatment facility failed. The entire city has no drinking water, no water to flush toilets, bathe, put out fires, etc. Cooperation Jackson is on the ground now doing mutual aid relief work to help those most vulnerable in this crisis. They need our support, please donate at

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Today = The International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners! Every July 25 we call on antifascists to show their solidarity with our friends locked up for the “crime” of defending their communities against bigotry and fascism.

Resources: supportantifaprisoners.wordpre

Support Antifascist Prisoners ‘zine:

Donate to antifascist prisoners:

We will be posting profiles of current antifascist prisoners all day.

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Slug report 7/19: Slugs are plentiful and accept gifts of tender shoots and leaves.

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The Spritely Institute is the new home for the Spritely Project, which is developing the next generation of Fediverse platforms. It's led by @cwebber, one of the creators of ActivityPub which powers most of the current Fediverse.

You can follow at:

➡️ @spritelyinst

The website is at

#SpritelyInstitute #Spritely #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Dev #Fedi #FediDev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Decentralised #Decentralized #Decentralisation #Decentralization

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Anarchist Giannis #Michailidis is on his 55th day of a hunger strike and has been hospitalized in Lamia hospital for almost three weeks with his health condition getting worse every day. 3/3


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me and @peoplelikedogs are working on a zine to pitch the fediverse to anarchists.

we have our own ideas and thoughts, but looking to hear yours too. please send: ideas, thoughts, comments, memes, what worked on you, or has worked for you? anything you want to see in a zine like this.


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We should be able to use the router device of our choice. And yet, this is not always the case.

Greece is about to protect users’ right to choose their own router but may exclude fiber connections. #RouterFreedom should be secured for all connections. #FTTH

Our article is translated into Greek and Italian.

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pls boost this status. there's a weird gts concurrency bug and i'm trying to narrow it down with some extra debug code in place, but i think i need to stress this instance to actually trigger it

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