Anyone know of any resources for facilitating introductions to fediverse/open-source tech to anarchist/mutual-aid groups? I feel like unless a group has a technologist who's already into it, it's difficult to implement. Spent the morning on a call with a mutual aid project who was suffering from a bot attack and couldn't easily/quickly do anything about it because of working on proprietary platforms.

@vince @kawaiipunk I feel like you might be a good person to answer this question

@vince nope, but it's something I've been thinking of trying to find (or i guess...gulp...make) myself. So much communication is done with our names attached, I've been worried about the non-anonymity of a lot of actions.

@BillySmith @vince

Start with the why, always, and make sure it aligns with their goals. "Because it's a good idea" or "because I think it's the right thing to do" doesn't work, in my experience.

@vince I also wonder about that question from the reverse perspective - connecting open source self organised community tech with mutual aid /anarchist groups :)

The context for me is specifically relating to @karrot as that's where I put my focuses.

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