We recently got our little bookstore up and running at Mark Of the Beastro/The Beehive (SLC, UT). Books and zines from AK Press, PM Press, @DetritusBooks, @thefinalstrawradio and more!

@vince @liazon sure, if ya wanna! we have a lending library (not pictured but it’s by the hot sauce)

@vince oh hey nice to see an slc person here! that reminds me i have a bunch of protest safety zines to drop off to beehive

@aurant oh great! I love those zines! do you have PDFs of them?

@vince @DetritusBooks @thefinalstrawradio wow congrats! Do you need some more radical books? I might be able to put together a box of them from our old library here at #Dreamtime

@vince oh this picture is just stuff for sale? how do sales work?

@liaizon yeah, we have both, so far sales just feed into restocking the bookstore, if we end up making money I think we’ll have it feed into stocking the library? maybe we’ll have enough shoplifting to not worry about it though.

@vince how are the ones for sale picked? (I am staying at a place that has been a publisher of weird books for almost 40 years) so there is alot here that could go elsewhere!

@liaizon mostly we have titles from the distributors mentioned, although AK has a lot of titles from different publishers. since this is a open-door space with multiple uses we’re currently focusing on good introductory texts, also trying to have a diversity of topics and styles (nonfiction, a little fiction, essay collection, practical guides, history, local history, graphic novels, a little theory). Approachable design is a plus.

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